Santa Fe: Spring Break 2005

On our third and last day in Santa Fe, after a late winter storm dropped more snow than the city had seen in 9 years, the sun came out. I miss the special “M” bus to museum hill and rather than wait 45 minutes for the next one, decide to walk up the Old Santa Fe trail there, stopping constantly to snap photos of adobe houses in the snow. Although the temperature was below freezing, along the way I shed my gloves, hat, coat, and sweater and arrive at the Museum of International Folk Art in my short-sleeve cashmere sweater. I can’t imagine a more invigorating winter walk. What are the chances that I can talk AJM into retiring in Santa Fe. I guess we’d have to win the lottery or something.

I loved the museum collection but was disappointed that photography was not allowed–not even non-flash photography. So I looked for postcards of my favorite exhibits, but the selection of postcards was not large or representative of all the marvelous sights, especially in the Alexander Girard collection.

I caught the 12:35 bus back to downtown. The bus driver let me off at the end of Canyon Road and I spent the next few hours browsing art galleries. I had a pricey $20.00 lunch at Celebrations, enticed there by the scent of its wood fire.

After shopping and shopping, I finally found a nice little amber pendant at Folk Arts of Poland. I’m more fond of amber than turquoise. And though I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, being among the artsy, chic people in Santa Fe makes me want to try a little harder.

2 Responses to “Santa Fe: Spring Break 2005”

  1. KAT Responds:

    Beautiful! How lucky you were to be there in all that snow.

  2. mss Responds:

    The snow was magical. Sunday, just as we descended into town over the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the snow was coming down hard and visibility only about 50 feet. Y. kept wanting to pull over, but I was afraid we’d get rear-ended or stuck in the snow. It snowed all night, all Monday, and half of Tuesday. The snow was very light, dry, and so powdery you couldn’t even make a snowball with it.

    I loved walking around in it. It was such a gentle snow and it looked exactly like a scene in a snow globe. I’ve never seen so much snow (that I remember…although I have photos of my playing in deeper snow when we lived with my grandmother in Springer, NM.)

    The air was quite dry and crisp with the scent of snow and the incense-like aroma of pinon fires. But the air wasn’t at all cold or bitter. I kept breathing in deep lungfuls. I was so happy and wished that AJM had come.

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