Union Jack Plumbing, Inc.

Back in January when bill of prairie point mentioned that when they remodelled their kitchen, they spent some time looking at bare dirt between the 2×6’s, I thought “We aren’t going to that extreme.” Silly me. Remodelling is a lot like having a scab. You just can’t keep from picking at it and pulling off the next layer.

Last Saturday when I was off considering a garden design, AJM decided to forego taking the floor-leveling measurements and instead cut the hole around these pipes a little bigger so that we could figure out how to remove them. Solution. Call in the professionals.

photo: kitchen pipes

Based on a couple of recommendations, I called Nick at Union Jack Plumbing. He’s every bit as good as his reputation–one of those rare individuals who doesn’t think a job is worth doing unless you are going to do it right. And he’s the kind of guy who has a back-up plan for his back-up plan. I love that in a person!

I found it very comfortable (and comforting) to sit on the floor and chat with him as he went about removing the pipes and also installing cut-off valves for the kitchen sink. He asked what our plans for the remodel are and when I mentioned we were going to install a dishwasher and a refrigerator with an ice-maker, he put in valves that would make this future work easier. In this old house the pipes are so corroded that he wasn’t able to carry out his initial plan for hooking up the kitchen. (A problem AJM has had in other plumbing projects and one reason we wanted to call a professional.) In the end, Nick had to replace the faucet, too. But he was prepared and I was completely satisfied with his work. I enjoyed watching him work because he is really good at what he does and takes pride in doing it.

One word of warning: if you are not the first customer of the day, plan on Nick running late. He’s going to stick around and do the job right and not rush off to his next appointment. And he’s not good at calling to say he’s running late. He’s one of those people for whom the present conversation takes priority over the phone ringing. So as long as you understand that and are prepared to wait your turn, I can’t imagine better service.

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  1. M2 Responds:

    Excellent. I remember seeing his van and laughing … now I’ll know to call him. A glowing recommendation should not go unrewarded!

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