Destructive Tendencies

kitchen remodel before
April 1994…before we moved in. The requisite before photo.

JQS went to his Dad’s after work, so I took the opportunity of a day home alone to rip out some of my kitchen cabinetry with a power circular saw. Quite satisfying actually. I hate my kitchen.

The cabinets were slapped together out of plywood by someone who was not a carpenter, much less a cabinetmaker. None of the doors close tightly and all of the drawers squeak because they are too tight. An odd L-shaped extension slices the room in half and leaves only 18 inches to squeak past the refrigerator. So I lopped off the tip of the L. Now there’s a nice 36 inch passage between one half of the kitchen and the other.

Of course, it looks terrible. But I thought it looked terrible before. After ten years I finally decided that it couldn’t look any worse. That’s when the power tools come out. No, it doesn’t look any better now, but at least there’s more space.

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