Movies 2002

We didn’t go to the movies much this year. Ticket prices are way up, $7.00 or $8.00. And it’s hard to find a matinee for $5.00 anymore. Plus ever since we got the DVD player and subscribed to Netflix, we prefer to stay home. Not only do most DVDs provide extras and commentaries, but movies shot in digital (like the Matrix or Star Wars) actually look better on DVD (unless your theater has digital projectors).

Video reversed the trend of the television generation to stay away from movie theaters. Given access to other than first-run movies, people became movie fans all over again. DVDs might take that audience away. At least that’s what’s happened at our house.

I didn’t enjoy very many of the year’s blockbusters. Too much CGI at the expense of plot, characters, and dialog. A couple of them (specifically “Spiderman” and “Attack of the Clones”) seemed okay when I saw them in the theater. But when I watched them again on DVD with ajm, we just kept saying, “This is terrible! What were we thinking?”


  • 2002-02-12. Gosford Park (with AJM at the Gateway Cinemas 16) .
  • 2002-01-16. 2001: A Space Odyssey (with AJM and JQS? at the Paramount).
  • 2002-10-12. Spirited Away (with AJM at the Westgate 11 and 2002-10-21 with JQS and MJN at the Westgate 11).
  • 2002-06-01. About a Boy (with AJM at the Westgate 11).
  • Amelie.
  • 2002-08-20. The Fast Runner (with JQS at Dobie Theatre).
  • 2002-06-15. The Bourne Identity (with AJM at the Westgate 11) and (2002-08-10 with JQS at the Gateway Cinemas 16).
  • 2002-12-27. Catch Me If You Can (with JQS at AMC Barton Creek Square).
  • 2002-08-03. Signs (with JQS at the Gateway Cinemas 16).
  • 2002-12-20. Lord of the Rings (with JQS at the Westgate 11).
  • 2002-08-16. Blue Crush (at the Gateway Cinemas 16).
  • 2002-11-18. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (with JQS at AMC Barton Creek Square).


  • 2002-09-28. 24 Hour Party People (with AJM at the Dobie)
  • 2002-03-29. The Panic Room (with JQS at Barton Creek Cinema)
  • 2002-09-01. XXX (with AJM at AMC Barton Creek Square Mall)

Not Recommended

  • 2002-06-22. Minority Report (with AJM and JQS at Barton Creek Square)
  • 2002-05-09. Spiderman (with JQS at AMC Barton Creek Square Mall)
  • 2002-07-12. Like Mike (with SAM at the Westgate 11)
  • 2002-05-21. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (with JQS at Barton Creek Cinema)
  • 2002-07-03. Men in Black II (with SAM at the Barton Creek Cinema)

Live Performances in Date Order

  • 2002-10-18. Laurie Anderson (with MJN and JQS at the Paramount)
  • 2002-12-31. The Kingston Trio (at the Palmer Events Center)

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