Movies 1995


  • 1995-11-11. To Die For with JQS at the Arbor
  • 1995-06-04. The Secret of Roan Inish
  • 1995-12-16. Sense and Sensibility with AJM and JQS at the Arbor
  • 1995-12-02. Toy Story
  • 1995-03-05. The Shawshank Redemption with MKL at the Highland Cinema
  • 1995-02-11. Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
  • 1995-08-13. Babe
  • 1995-11-29. Carrington with AJM, MKL, CBK, DF?, Rich, Tim, and Sally
  • 1995-01-06. Heavenly Creatures at the Village Cinema 4
  • 1995-07-08. Apollo 13
  • 1995-08-12. Picture Bride at the Village Cinema 4
  • 1995-02-04. Red with MKL at the Village Cinema 4
  • 1995-07-23. Braveheart with MKL at the Arbor


  • 1995-02-24. Minbo no Onna (with MKL and JQS at UT)
  • 1995-05-29. The Englishman Who Went Up a Mountain (at the Village)
  • 1995-11-19. The American President (with MKL at the Arbor)
  • 1995-12-23. Persuasion (with AJM, CBK, and Rich at the Dobie)
  • 1995-04-09. Circle of Friends (at the Village Cinema 4)
  • 1995-07-30. Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love (with CBK at the Village)
  • 1995-11-12. The Addiction (with AJM at the Village)
  • 1995-05-20. A Little Princess (CBK & JQS at the Arboretum)
  • 1995-03-11. Before Sunrise (with AJM and JQS at the Great Hills)

I walked right past Martin Sheen at the screening of The American President. Just now (2003-02-15) I couldn’t remember ever seeing a movie called The Addiction, but after mulling over the description at the IMDB, I realize it was our first date.

Now that I’ve watched “Before Sunset” and rewatched “Before Sunrise” I like it much more than I did originally. Maybe it needed the second half of the story to make it meaningful to me.

Not Recommended

  • 1995-09-16. The Brothers McMullen (at the Village)
  • 1995-05-28. Don Juan de Marco (with MKL at the Great Hills)
  • 1995-08-19. Something to Talk About
  • 1995-04-29. While You Were Sleeping (with MKL at the Arboretum)
  • 1995-10-14. The Scarlet Letter (with MKL at the Arboretum)
  • 1995-08-06. The Net
  • 1995-08-27. A Walk in the Clouds (at the Village Cinema 4)

Matinee prices were $3.50. Regular prices were $6.50 (Arbor).

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