Movies 1989

Moving to Japan put an end to our movie going. Movie ticket prices there were the equivalent of almost $20, although the show was often a double feature. You could sit through as many shows as you liked but the ticket did not guarantee a seat would be available.


  • 19890724. When Harry Met Sally with CO at the Arboretum.
  • 1989xxxx. Do The Right Thing with ERS at the GMC 10
  • 1989xxxx. The Last Emperor at the Village
  • 198901xx. The Accidental Tourist with GG at the Lincoln
  • 1989xxxx. Big with Joseph at the Southwood
  • 1989xxxx. Who Framed Roger Rabbit with JQS at the Southwood


  • 19890630. Tapeheads with CO at the Dobie
  • 19890722. Batman with CO at the Arboretum
  • 1989xxxx. Batman with TK at the Arboretum
  • 1989xxxx. Anne of Green Gables with JQS and Murakami in Oita
  • 19890211. A Cry in the Dark at the Southwood

Not Recommended

  • 1989xxxx. Back To The Future 2 with JQS in Oita
  • 1989xxxx. K-9 with JQS in Oita

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