Movies 1988


  • 1988xxxx. Wings Of Desire with TK at the Varsity.
  • 1988xxxx. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being with TK at the Dobie
  • 1988xxxx. Tampopo with GG at Hogg
  • 19881002. Walkabout with TK at the Texas Union
  • 1988xxxx. A Taxing Woman with JQS, Gayle & Stuart at the Village 4
  • 1988xxxx. Big
  • 1988xxxx. The Color Of Money at the Southpark
  • 1988xxxx. Roxanne with JQS at the Southpark


  • 19880730. Midnight Run with MSL at the Arboretum
  • 1988xxxx. Gorillas In The Mist with JQS at the Village 4
  • 1988xxxx. Imagine with TK at Barton Springs
  • 19880611. The Presidio with MSL at the Southpark
  • 1988xxxx. Broadcast News at the Southpark
  • 19880529. Crocodile Dundee 2 with MSL at the Lincoln
  • 19880110. Hope and Glory with ERS and JQS and the Varsity

Below the Mark

  • 19880820. Young Guns with TK at the Arboretum
  • 1988xxxx. Married To The Mob with TK at the Arboretum
  • 1988xxxx. Bambi with BAB and TJ at the Village
  • 1988xxxx. Animation Festival with TK at Dobie
  • 19880530. Willow with JQS at the Lincoln

Not Recommended

  • 19880930. Sweet Hearts Dance with Gayle, Connie, Linda at the AMC Westgate
  • 1988xxxx. Three Men And A Baby with JQS at the Southpark

Matinee prices were typically $3.00.

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