Movies 1987


  • 1987xxxx. Bladerunner with Ed at the Union
  • 19871031. Tampopo with ERS and JQS at the Varsity
  • 19871200. The Princess Bride with Joseph at the Varsity
  • 1987xxxx. Robocop with Ed at the Americana
  • 1987xxxx. Brazil with Ed at Batts
  • 19870900. Carmen at Batts
  • 1987xxxx. The Hidden Fortress with Ed at the Union
  • 1987xxxx. Platoon with Ed at the Arboretum


  • 198701xx. The Mosquito Coast with Ed at the Southpark
  • 1987xxxx. Hope and Glory with JQS and ERS
  • 19870220. Death in Venice with Ed at Hogg Auditorium

2 Responses to “Movies 1987”

  1. Steven Responds:

    I’m looking for the name of a movie that contains three kids that go into outer space with the use of a computer and a program. This computer makes a small sphere in which they are able to fit an amusement park chair inside of it. They eventually fly into outer space and meet with aliens.

  2. JQS Responds:

    The movie is Explorers directed by Joe Dante and starring Ethan Hawke in his first role.

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