Movies 1986


  • 1986-04-27. My Brilliant Career with MSL at Burdine Hall.
  • 1986-01-26. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters with Gayle at the Village Four.
  • 1986-07-18. Aliens with Ed at the Arboretum; 19860907. Aliens with Reuben, Nancy and Ronnie at the Arboretum.
  • 1986-02-xx. Ran with MSL at the Varsity.
  • 1986-07-10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with Ed at the Southpark.
  • 1986-01-07. Out of Africa with CMB at the Southpark.
  • 1986-05-10. Stop Making Sense with MSL at the Northcross Six.
  • 1986-10-26. Children of a Lesser God with Gene and JQS at the Southpark.
  • 1986-xx-xx. The Untouchables with Ed at the Arbor.
  • 1986-10-04. Kiss of the Spider Woman with Ed, John, and Meredith at Hogg Auditorium.
  • 1986-08-xx. Home of the Brave with CMB in Seattle.
  • 1986-03-30. Sleeping Beauty with Gene and Joseph at the Village Four.


  • 1986-11-01. The Name of the Rose with Ed at the Americana.
  • 1986-06-15. Simone de Beavoir with Gayle at Burdine .
  • 1986-xx-xx. A Room with a View with ERS and JQS at the Village Four.
  • 1986-08-xx. Top Gun with CMB in Tacoma.
  • 1986-02-09. FX with MSL at the Aquarius Four; 19860919. with Ed at Hogg Auditorium.
  • 1986-11-xx. Star Trek IV with Ed in Dallas (day after Thanksgiving).
  • 1986-01-10. The Silent Earth with CMB at the Varsity.
  • 1986-03-09. Hannah and Her Sisters with MSL at the Southpark.
  • 1986-05-10. Short Circuit with JQS at the Northcross Six.
  • 1986-06-14. Back to School with MSL at the Lakehills.
  • 1986-06-07. Space Camp with JQS at the Lakehills.
  • 1986-07-16. Jules and Jim with Ed at the Texas Union.
  • 1986-07-03. Swann in Love at the Texas Union.

Not Recommended

  • 1986-05-03. Jo Jo Dancer with MSL at the Northcross Six.
  • 1986-07-04. Under the Cherry Moon with MSL at the Northcross Six.

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