Movies 1985


  • Back to the Future with ERS and JQS; with CMB; with MSL and JQS.
  • 1985-12-25. Out of Africa with MSL at the Southpark
  • Terminator with CMB at the Southwood
  • La Cage Aux Folles with MSL at the Texas Union.
  • The Emerald Forest with CMB at the Varsity.
  • A Passage to India with CMB
  • Stop Making Sense
  • The Killing Fields with CMB
  • ET (3rd time) with JQS, Laurie and Andrew at Highland Mall
  • Napolean (2nd time) with ERS and JQS at the Paramount
  • Grand Hotel with ERS and JQS at the Paramount
  • Amadeus with CMB
  • Dune with CMB at the Southpark


  • 1985-10-27. The Jagged Edge with MSL at the Fox Triplet (the last movie before the Fox Triplet closed).
  • The Cotton Club with MJN in Las Vegas
  • Starman with CMB and JQS at the Southwood
  • 2010 with CMB at the Southwood
  • 1985-10-06. Agnes Of God with GG and Greg at the Southpark

Not Recommended

  • The Return of the Soldier with GG at the Varsity
  • Desperately Seeking Susan with CMB
  • A Private Function with ERS and JQS
  • White Nights with Nancy Lowrie at the Americana
  • Teen Wolf with JQS

Avoid At All Costs

  • Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome with CMB at the Fox Triplet
  • The Care Bears Movie with JQS at the Southpark

Live Productions listed in chronological order

  • 1985 Ballet: The Firebird Suite; Silent Vision; Revue; with JQS
  • 1985 Play: The Nightingale with JQS and ERS at Zachary Scott
  • 1985 Play: A Midsummer’ Night Dream with ERS and JQS

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