One Response to “Abandon”

  1. Dieter Mueller Responds:


    I live the “Always-on”-Lifestyle since 1991.

    For me personally I decided at some Point that it can be a terrible Black Hole of meaningless Interestingness or a Diamond to sharpen myself.

    I also decided to be as much “me” and “real” in my Online-Life as in Meatspace, because hiding behind Avatarism is often just a psychological Excuse to “skim” the Universe, but not to dive into it.

    My biggest Criteria for all “Engagement” is “Relevance”.

    The Internet has become such a Stream of irrelevant Turds and Distraction that it makes it hard to focus. Therefore it has to be treated like “Food for Thought”: stuff only healthy Stuff into your Brain – otherwise you gonna suffer from Brain Rot.

    (Plus add the neurological Effects of Hyperrealism, Instant Gratification and social Feedback-Loops into that Equation)

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