I wanted to collect different pieces of myself so that I could lay them out on the table them, examine them, order them and sort them, so that I could find some recurring theme or pattern, some meaning to this life. — 1991-02-28

Memory, Recall, and Significance

We live our life in the moment; we create our narrative upon reflection.

Snakes in the Grass

Then a liquid brown movement, a smooth undulating waveform, a delicate small snake.

An Afternoon in the Country


Hometown Sightseeing

A tourist in my own backyard.

Boot Camp

“A fresh start” is another way of declaring an end to our self-destructiveness.


Home again though still far away.

Whispering Pines

If a tree whispers in the forest, what do you hear?

Organizing Principle

Man’s purpose.

Historical Perspective

Old is subjective.

The Pendulum Stops

Without longing. Without desire.


Cinder, ash, and bone. The archeology of modern housework.

Small Penis Man

A strictly aural assault.

A Scolding

Dances with squirrels.

His and Hers

When our mothers visit.

Why is This Idiot Following Me?

She remained frozen at the fence.