Lake District: Langdale Pikes

Oregon Coast Highway

From Eugene, we drove west to Florence and the Pacific coast to drive north on Highway 101. We pulled off the first overlook we came to, at the Sea Lion Caves. When I think of the ocean, this is what I imagine. This was my first time to see the Oregon coast in life. It did not disappoint. Update 15 May 2016 Looking at this photo now, it feels strange

Brooklyn: Prospect Park

After coffee and croissants at Cafe Martin, we spent three hours wandering through Prospect Park, enjoying a perfectly clear blue autumn sky and the fall foliage for which New England is famous. The light! Now, back in Austin all I see are drippy gray skies and dull green. The temperatures were in the mid-70s, a bit warm for Brooklyn for the beginning of November.

Journey or Destination

Every photograph is a mini-destination, a momentary stopping point frozen in time. Thoughts on two scenes on Ruta 9 headed toward Puerta Natales, Chile.

Patagonia: Torres del Paine

To the theme of Hokusai’s One Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji.

photo: Torres del Paine

Patagonia: Torres Del Paine Q Circuit

Some good info on this hike:Backpack the Q Circuit

Patagonia: Monte Almirante Nieto

Early snowfall on Almirante Nieto. We are just about to enter the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine after a long, bumpy, dusty bus ride. Note: “Almirante Nieto was the first mountain climbed in Torres del Paine park in 1937 by German climbers Hans Teufel and Stefan Zuck, of the Bavarian Mountain Club. These brave explorers reached the summit east, by climbing the northeast edge in front of the three Towers

Patagonia: Strait of Magellan

From Santiago we flew to Punta Arenas to board the M/N Forrest on which we’d spend our first night. The colors in the fading daylight were intense, the land bathed in gold and the choppy waters of the strait a steely, glinting gunmetal gray. This little cove was littered with abandoned houses, boats, and cars. And the ones that were operable were difficult to differentiate from the derelicts.  It’s a

Patagonia: The Blue Massif

Preparing to be Unprepared

Familiarity ossifies experience. We must recalibrate our instruments of perception.

English Public Footpaths

In England public footpaths designate a legally protected right of way across private lands. They provide a great way to travel “off the beaten path” although they are sometimes so far off that it is difficult for the inexperienced walker to make out quite where the path lies. However, maps abound. And once one becomes familiar with the signage, exploring the countryside via the footpaths is a wonderful way to


A stroll around the old market town of Nantwich.


I run down the lane and around the corner to post my letters and cards, and this is my view from the post box. I’ve slipped into an alternate universe.

Southwest USA

2012-06-22. We drove almost deserted roads between Mancos and Las Vegas. Stopped at Four Corners to do the tourist shot: straddling the boundaries of four states at once. We were on 564 from Four Corners and then turned off on 98 to Page and then into Utah and 89 to Kanab. A very circuitous route which is now a blur in memory. At Kayenta, deep in Navajo country, we ate

Cape Cod

Not being from New England, I never really understood the geography of Cape Cod as a summer getaway for folk fleeing New York City. But it does look exactly like a movie set or the setting of so many books, a place both fictional and real. ——— Photo: 2011-04-21. The first time I touched the Atlantic.