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Difference is not Deformity


La Estancia San Gregorio, Chile. 2015-03-18


Experimenting with photos, albums, and galleries.

Observing and Observed

One reason I’m usually behind the camera is that I don’t like to be in front of it. So I’m not likely to pose in front of the sights I’m seeing to take a snap to prove I’ve been there. And selfies belong to a younger mindset. However, I enjoy watching other people do that thanks to some inspiration from +Mee Ming Wong. Observing observers observe.

Córdoba, The Judería

The old Jewish quarter in Córdoba is a delightful twist of streets which stay shaded and cool most of the day. At 8PM, everyone is at dinner and many of the streets deserted. They were so quiet, clean, and neat that they invited exploration.

Damson Lane

I was surprised that the trees were still not leafed out so late in spring.

5th Avenue

…more ominous than inviting: the female figure objectified and faceless, no eyes to see; the sneering herd of male figures leering down on her from above; the passerby on the street looking in. The reflection of other windows. Who gazes down at us unseen from those windows? And I behind my own lens and filter, hidden from view provide the window that constrains your gaze.


Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel

On the A830 between Fort William and Mallaig. The monument commemorates the 1745 landing of Prince Charles and the beginning of the Jacobite Rising. This vista is one of my favorites in the world. Behind us is the impressive Glenfinnan aviaduct. Both will be familiar to fans of the Harry Potter movies.


Santa Fe

2005-03-14. Spring Break. Snow…and the scent of piñon burning in the fireplace. A low door in the wall. A hidden garden.