Clear and Simple as the Truth

I went to sleep trying to come up with a fitting tagline for this weblog. I woke up with the words “plain and simple as the truth” in mind. The phrase had a familiar ring, but I couldn’t place it. I searched on the web. I searched I couldn’t find anything.

Then Sunday, on the third floor of the library, I remembered. It was the title of a book on writing. Well, almost. I found the book: Clear and Simple as the Truth. I’d read about it in The Common Reader catalog. I had checked it out, several years ago. I checked it out again.

Mystery solved! But now I’m in search of a new tagline.

“…writing is an intellectual activity, not a bundle of skills. Writing proceeds from thinking.” — p. 3

“[Style] is often understood as the inessential or even disreputable member of a two-term set: style and substance…and, in the traditional American idiom, there is a persistent suggestion that we would be better off without it.” — p. 9

“We are trapped by our unconscious styles if we cannot recognize them as styles.” — p. 12

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