Christmas Books 2010

The Sunday before Christmas we huddled in bed with out laptops and made out our annual Christmas order to Amazon. This used to be more fun because our Amazon Visa card gave us points back and periodically issued us $25 gift certificates. We’d save them up for several months and then spend the entire amount on a big book order. We wouldn’t open the package until Christmas day and by then we’d forgotten what we ordered and were happily surprised. Although we still get points back, now they can be used on anything and Amazon doesn’t send us a little certificate so the entire feeling of reward and splurge…that is all the fun…has been drained from the Amazon reward system. As a result, we bought fewer books than normal.

  • The Japanese House: Architecture and Interiors. Alexandra Black. ($25.94).
    A complete splurge on my part as I bought it sight unseen. But I can’t have too many books on Japanese houses.
  • Reading Japanese with a Smile: Nine Stories from a Japanese Weekly Magazine for Intermediate Learners. Tom Gally. ($9.22).
    I wonder if the smile comes with the book. I’ve already scanned through this book and the stories are fun and the annotations excellent.
  • Classic Indian Cooking. Julie Sahni. ($19.13).
    For AJM, our cook.

On Austin’s gray and rainy Christmas Eve made our only Christmas shopping trip, going to Half Price Books (N. Lamar) for more books.

  • New York Bartender’s Guide. ($7.98)
    AJM is very into cocktails again this year.
  • Rooftop and Terrace Gardens. Caroline Tilston. ($5.98)
    I’m looking for inspiration for the rooftop garden at Q1.
  • Garden Planning. Peter McHoy. ($5.98)
  • Garden Design: History, Principles, Elements, Practice. ($3.98)
    I’m not looking for help planning my garden from this book as much as ideas for writing about garden design.

On checking out, we received a sticker reminding us of Half Price Books year end sale beginning on the 26th. Rats! Missed it by that much. Of course, we went back. This time to the S. Lamar store.

  • Practical Small Gardens. Peter McHoy. ($4.78)
    When picked this out, I didn’t realize that I’d bought another book by the same author just two days ago.
  • The Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman. Kaneko Fumiko. Translated by Jean Inglis. ($3.18)
  • The Natural Paint Book. Lynn Edwards and Julia Lawless. ($4.78)
    Recipes…possibly for disaster.
  • Cultivating Delight: A Natural History of My Garden. Diane Ackerman. ($4.78)
  • Russia’s Heroes. ($3.98).
  • I Am Legend. ($5.98).
  • The Anatomy of Stretching. Brad Walker. ($9.98)
    Because AJM is getting very serious about yoga.

And now the Daedalus catalog has arrived in the mail.

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