Goodbye, Pompeii

The rain, the cooler temperatures, both infuse me with a new energy to tackle cleaning house. I dig through the sawdust-laden piles in the garage, sweeping clean a path with the vacumn cleaner. I get out the box of summer dishes. I’m way overdue for the change.

Maybe I’ve been resisting because I know I’m not putting my autumn dishes away; I’m throwing them away, casting them out of my life. This year, for some reason, we’ve managed to chip every dish. I bought the autumn dishes almost ten years ago. We used to drive the 60 miles to the outlet mall and I would buy one 5-piece place setting for $45.00…about half the suggested retail price…on each trip. The maker was Sasaki. The pattern was Pompeii. The last time I went to the outlet mall, I couldn’t even find the Reading China and Glass store. So as much as I once loved these dishes, it’s goodbye, Pompeii.

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