Cute Socks

I went to buy socks with the money my Mom gave me for my birthday. (My birthday’s not until next month, but she was visiting last week and decided to give me my present early.)

For me buying socks is not a practical activity. I do it simply to indulge my love for the cutest, silliest socks I can find. I’ve never been one for cute. I’m more a Muji girl; you know “Understated elegance. Sophisticated simplicity. Unlimited flexibility. Then I moved to Japan. Elegant simplicity? Hah! Japan is over-the-top cute. Japan has entire shops that sell nothing but cute socks. I was dumbstruck, then fascinated, then obsessed. I bought “Hello, Kitty” socks. I bought “Ultraman” socks. I bought little fish socks.

Now I buy my socks at Target which sometimes has a good selection and sometimes doesn’t. This time it was so-so–all the socks I bought have variations on the themes of gardening and flowers. I’m happy. But I’m still dreaming of that little shop in Beppu station that sold socks three pairs for 1000 yen. An entire shop of socks!

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