Raising the Bar

Remember the good ol’ days of the twentieth century when Dad stayed up late on Christmas Eve trying to assemble a bicycle or a dollhouse. Or when fathers and sons hung out in the workshop building a soapbox derby car?

Well, the bar’s been raised for 21st century dads. AJM decided to give the Boy S. what he really, really, really wanted for Christmas (since he already seems to have everything else), a new computer designed especially for playing video games. And to get exactly what they wanted, of course, they had to build it themselves.

Looking at the pieces, the project seemed daunting.
photo: motherboard

And you thought AJM only did software.

photo: motherboard2

Testing the completed hardware.

photo: a new computer

The most difficult part of the project was the OS installation.

photo: damn Windows XP

This Just In…

In answer to Stephen Curran’s comment below, the technical details are here.

2 Responses to “Raising the Bar”

  1. Stephen Curran Responds:

    Sounds like fun, but is there a parallel posting in AJM’s section of the site? How can there be a story about a new, homemade computer without detailed specs…and snippets about the trials and tribulations, the frustrating deadends and then, finally, the clever breakthrough that made it all right in the end.

    There must be more to this.

  2. Tim Brackett Responds:

    PONG anyone?

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