Pod People

A couple of weeks ago, at a product release party, AJM received his very own 15 gig iPod, something I’d been lusting for since the last two big gift-giving occasions. As part of our community property split, I have possession of the iPod on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I go to the club to workout.

New toys necessitate new accessories. There is no such thing as a free iPod. We had to purchase a 200-gig hard drive to support the iPod habit because my poor old 10-gig PowerBook G4 is so last year. I will probably derive further benefits at Christmas when I get an iPod of my very own. Seems AJM can’t bear to part with his iPod even for two days a week.

2 Responses to “Pod People”

  1. Katherine Responds:

    Yep…they’re great for working out…fits nicely in my camelbak or the small water compartment on my treadmill.

    Yeah. AJM’s lost 15 pounds and I’ve lost 5 since I saw you this summer. Do you have your iPod, or do you borrow D’s? When I get my own, I’m thinking of listening to it when I garden, especially during boring tasks like watering. On the other hand, most of the time I prefer silence. — mss

  2. Katherine Responds:

    I borrow Dale’s, as part of our purchase agreement.

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