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Sunday September 3, 1989


¥920 train: 1.5
¥350 10 B5 notebooks 240-pg
¥800 book: Read Japanese Today
¥2500 book: A Guide to Remembering Kanji
¥1657 groceries
¥200 deli: chicken
¥250 shampoo
¥1395 body care
¥580 Vape (30 pack)
¥310 beer
¥200 present: cake for Abe-sensei
¥100 machine drinks
¥236 consumption tax
¥9498 Total

Postmark: Beppu September 3, 1989

We went shopping in Oita again this weekend. The basement floors of the big department stores always are supermarkets. We discovered one [probably Tokiwa] that had a large western liquor section. And they had Johnny Walker black label, the same size I bought that last night [in Austin] for only ¥3600 ($25.00). So I’m very relieved and happy to know I have a resource for my New Year’s presents. Plus, if I get desperate and dip into the scotch I brought, I’ll be able to replace it. But I haven’t been driven to drinking alone yet, except for the occasional liter of beer from the vending machine down the street. And that’s only if I’ve bought sushi for dinner. Of course, we practically live on sushi. An old woman keeps a take-out shop down the street and I can get six pieces of nigiri-sushi and one tuna roll for ¥400 ($3.00). That’s about the same as one piece of sushi in Austin.

Notes from 2009


I found the notebooks on sale on the top floor of Parco. They were really cheap. Maybe it was a back-to-school sale. They were fairly plain notebooks by the standards of Japanese stationery. They came with aqua or pink covers which said.

Seduce Notebook: This notebook is well bound with automatic excellent machine by Bun’undo that is traditional since 1909.


Vape Mosquito Repellant

Our un-air conditioned apartment was very open to the outdoors. We slept with the sliding glass doors to the balcony open and the screens did little to keep the mosquitoes out. Our dorm mother had brought over the modern equivalent of the mosquito coil, an electric diffuser for Vape mats. Each little mat had some sort of insect repellant. It smelled pretty bad and I wondered if they were carcinogenic so I was reluctant to use them. I couldn’t read the information on the Japanese packaging. But the mosquitoes were numerous, so I solved the immediate problem and tried to put my fears about long-term consequences out of my mind. Twenty years later, this is what I discovered about Vape, on the Internet.