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I share Jeremy Hedley's love of architecture, specifically traditional Japanese houses. So I can't keep from add my own shots to his collection of Textures and Fabric. These are shots of the decaying houses in the Kamegawa suburb of Beppu-shi, circa 1990. Although Beppu-shi, being a traditional onsen town, had maintained the flavor of an older Japan, these old houses were allowed to crumble so they could be replaced by less sensual, though more comfortable, modern houses. Although I would gladly do it (and do living in an old, uncomfortable American house), who are we to tell the Japanese to suffer for art. Still, there is a balance, if only people cared more to find it.

photo: Japanese house Kamegawa

photo: Japanese house Kamegawa

photo: Japanese house Kamegawa

photo: Japanese house Kamegawa

When I visit my inlaws in England, I'm impressed with what a conservation effort is capable of accomplishing, even though it is extremely restrictive to the current inhabitants (what color you can paint your door, what kind of roof you can put on your house).

If you care about saving some of "old" Japan, you might take a look at the efforts of Kyoto Mitate International. "Preserve, destroy, revitalize...the choice is ours to make."

Posted by M Sinclair Stevens
November 10, 2002


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