April 26th, 2004
Rose ‘Buff Beauty’

hybrid musk rose: Buff Beauty
Hybrid musk rose ‘Buff Beauty’. 2004-04-23. Austin, Texas.

Dateline: 2004-04-23
Yesterday two flowers open on ‘Buff Beauty’ finally. She and the other hybrid musk roses (‘Prosperity’ and ‘Penelope’) suffered the most from the attack of the spring cankerworms. If not for that, I think she would be covered with flowers this spring. I planted ‘Buff Beauty’ three years ago, and although she’s produced the odd flower or two, she’s yet to prove her worth in my garden. But I really like the apricot color of the flowers. ‘Gruss an Aachen’ has flowers somewhat similar in both form and color, but has only been in my garden six months and has already out-performed ‘Buff Beauty’. She’s highly-rated by many other gardeners, so she might just be in an incompatible location. I’ve also heard that she’s a slow-starter.

Zanthan Gardens History

Dateline: 2000-11-11
Buy ‘Buff Beauty’ at the Antique Rose Emporium.

Dateline: 2000-11-21
This hole, next to the oleander, took the rest of the day to dig because I’ve never planted anything here. The ground, which had been covered with St. Augustine grass, was very good, few rocks or roots, and loam rather than clay. The reason it took most of the day is that I cleared the entire area between the oleander and the redbud. Added the same amendments as for ‘Ducher’, but with more peat moss.

Dateline: 2001-02-04
Last week I stripped the leaves off and this week I pruned. ‘Buff Beauty’ is the tiniest of all the roses, but already beginning to burst forth with new growth.

Dateline: 2001-04-13
Poor ‘Buff Beauty’. All the other roses have bloomed at least once, but ‘Buff Beauty’ has been beset with mildew and attacked by bugs and spring cankerworms. She’s put out a few small buds, but they were gobbled up.

Dateline: 2001-07-22
‘Buff Beauty’ has produced two long canes, but she looks somewhat chlorotic. Feed her a handful each of bone meal, superphosphate and copperas and water it in well.

Dateline: 2002-04-19
First flower of the year for ‘Buff Beauty’.

Dateline: 2002-05-24
Another flower. Photo taken on 2002-05-25.

Dateline: 2003-04-18
First flower of the year for ‘Buff Beauty’.

Dateline: 2003-10-21
‘Buff Beauty’ badly damaged by fall cankerworms and she’s had a nasty case of mildew. So I strip her, prune her by 1/3, and feed her. She has one untouched cane, but it looks so chlorotic that the leaves are almost white.

Dateline: 2003-11-17
Recovering well with a lot of new growth which is a deep bronzy red.

by M Sinclair Stevens

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  1. From bill:

    Of the five roses I bought this Spring, Buff Beauty is the only one not to have produced a bloom yet.

    The Prosperity has not exactly prospered either.