April 5th, 2009
Iris ‘Strictly Ballroom’

bearded iris Strictly Ballroom
2009-04-05. Bearded iris ‘Strictly Ballroom’.

Today ‘Strictly Ballroom’ is the lone reminder of my former obsession with bearded irises.


by M Sinclair Stevens

7 Responses to post “Iris ‘Strictly Ballroom’”

  1. From Laura:

    I love Iris- that is a very nice photo!

  2. From our friend Ben in Pennsylvania:

    I loved the movie “Strictly Ballroom,” so I’m glad you kept this iris!

    I didn’t “keep” this iris; it kept me. I still love bearded irises but over the last ten years my yard has gotten shadier and shadier and so they’ve mostly died out. — mss PS. I love the movie “Strictly Ballroom”, too.

  3. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter:

    That’s a stunner! I’ve had shade problems with bearded Irises too, both here & at my mom’s garden. But sometimes, the garden suddenly becomes a lot sunnier, which is what is happening here and at her garden this spring. I’m expecting great things from them this year. I might even want to get a few new ones, such as ‘Strictly Ballroom.’

  4. From Vertie:

    Lovely! I haven’t seen Strictly Ballroom. May have to put it on the Netflix queue.

  5. From compostinmyshoe Charleston, SC:

    You will love the flick…also love the look of this iris…German’s don’t like it in our southern heat in Charleston, SC…so I will enjoy it from afar

  6. From Dawn:

    Ah, what a beauty! She is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for showing your garden to me today, MSS, and for a lovely lunch. It was certainly a pleasure to visit with you, as always. Next time really is my treat!


  7. From Daffodil Planter:

    Now THAT’S an iris!