April 24th, 2004
Iris ‘Night Game’

Plant Profile.
Bearded iris. Night Game.
Black self. Keppel. 1996. ML 42 inches.
photo: Night Game
2004-04-22. Iris ‘Night Game’.

Dateline: 2005
‘Night Game’ opened its first flower on April 16th making it the first named iris to bloom this year. However, the stalk is quite short, only about 18 inches tall. The first flower opened on the bottom and is also rather small.

Dateline: 2004
For a third year in a row, ‘Night Game’ has bloomed well. This year I have two plants and each sent up a tall, thick stalk. One had 4 flowers and the other, five. However, the stalks are only about 24 inches tall–far less than the advertised 42 inches, but not bad for my garden. I have yet to find a fancy, named iris that is as sturdy and prolific as my anonymous yellow ones.

Dateline: 2003
photo: Night Game
2003-04-10. Iris ‘Night Game’

The first named bearded iris to bloom in our Austin garden this year is the black self ‘Night Game’. It sent up a straight thick stalk, over 40 inches tall. This is the second year I’ve had it and it is much larger than last year’s bloom.

Dateline: 2002
photo: Night Game
2002-04-23. Iris ‘Night Game’

by M Sinclair Stevens

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  1. From daloverat- usa:

    I believe I may have this iris, does it have PBF? Please email me, thank’s.