hybrid musk rose: Buff Beauty
Hybrid musk rose ‘Buff Beauty’. 2004-04-23. Austin, Texas.

April 26th, 2004
Rose ‘Buff Beauty’

Dateline: 2004-04-23
Yesterday two flowers open on ‘Buff Beauty’ finally. She and the other hybrid musk roses (‘Prosperity’ and ‘Penelope’) suffered the most from the attack of the spring cankerworms. If not for that, I think she would be covered with flowers this spring. I planted ‘Buff Beauty’ three years ago, and although she’s produced the odd flower or two, she’s yet to prove her worth in my garden. But I really like the apricot color of the flowers. ‘Gruss an Aachen’ has flowers somewhat similar in both form and color, but has only been in my garden six months and has already out-performed ‘Buff Beauty’. She’s highly-rated by many other gardeners, so she might just be in an incompatible location. I’ve also heard that she’s a slow-starter.
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