June 8th, 2008

tomato Juliet

Is there any truth in the saying that a watched tomato never ripens?

by M Sinclair Stevens

12 Responses to post “Anticipation”

  1. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    Better get that red one before some critter does! I know a watched plant doesn’t seem to grow. My tomatoes are still seedling-like.

  2. From Annie in Austin:

    Carol stole my comment! There would already have been a bite out of it if it were in my garden, MSS. We bring them in at the first hint of change from white to yellow.

    Don’t you have squirrels and mockingbirds?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. From Bob Pool:

    I’m glad to see some ripe tomatoes. Mine are getting close but not there yet. That picture is perfect.

    Thanks. I liked the gradations of color which reminded me of a timelapse sequence of a tomato ripening. I took eight photos before I got the one that came closest to what I saw. — mss

  4. From Mary Beth @ Cultivating Paradise:

    Mine NEVER get this red without a mockingbird feasting on them! And you’d better believe they are watched by both me and all the birds that hand out around the vegetable garden – if I’m lucky I’ll watch them turn red on the kitchen counter.

  5. From bill/prairie point:

    Better pull them inside while you can. I see that grocers are starting to take tomatoes off their shelves because of the salmonella scare so they could become even more valuable to you.

  6. From Robin at Bumblebee:

    I see that people are rushing you here. I say throw a net over it and wait. Keep a tomato on the vine until it’s really really time…

  7. From M2 in Bothell:

    Salsa! Margarita pizza! Um … fresh tomato & salt?

  8. From Gail:

    Anticipation…fabulous title and now I am humming along with Carly Simon…One question–Did you pick or did you wait?

    Carly Simon, eh? I was thinking more of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I picked the first one yesterday morning and the two more yesterday afternoon. — mss

  9. From our friend Ben in Pennsylvania:

    Ha!!! Good old Tim Curry. Damn them for not letting him play Mozart in the film version of “Amadeus”–with Geoffrey Rush as Salieri–it would have been the best ever. Sigh. And I’m with Robin. What’s the point of growing your own if you’re going to pick ’em green?

    Waiting risks the chance of never getting to eat them at all. Mockingbirds, squirrels, raccoons and who knows what else are eyeing them, too. — mss

  10. From Diana - Austin:

    Ah – it DOES ripen. I’m living proof! I’ve been eyeing mine daily and they are even better when you’ve been oogling them!!!

    And you’re plagued with wascally wabbits. Of course, you’re vegetable garden is fenced in, right? Any problems with the birds. — mss

  11. From Angelina:

    I don’t know but I wish I had some to watch. This has been a very cool spring and it’s looking like it might be a cool summer as well. Which, I actually personally prefer. But not so good for ripening tomatoes.

  12. From Amy:

    So exciting – there’s nothing like homegrown tomatoes. It will be many weeks until I’m at this stage, though with all the rain and cool weather we’ve been having I’m sure this will be my year for success. I think I need a small greenhouse!