June 19th, 2008
Cactus Ball

cactus ball

Those of you familiar with my penchant for barrel cacti will not be surprised to learn that I could not resist this plastic ball in the shape of one. Although the “spines” are soft plastic, when it’s thrown to you, the instinctive reaction is NOT to catch it.

I bought it for my niece and nephews in England. (I like to play up our Texas stereotypes.)

From Play Visions. Made in China. Available in Austin at Whole Earth Provision Co. for $5.95.

by M Sinclair Stevens

13 Responses to post “Cactus Ball”

  1. From Cindy, Katy:

    It makes my skin prickle just to look at it! The kids should love it.

  2. From Kayce Neal:

    That is hilarious. It would really be fun to watch reactions to it. Even with adults… Kayce

  3. From Mr. McGregor's Daughter (Chicagoland):

    I like it, but I think I’d cringe at first at catching it. I was just looking at my real cactus ball last night (which has been put outside for the summer) & it’s been loving all our rain. It’s quite round now.

  4. From deb:

    That’s funny. I wonder if they have them at the Dallas store.

  5. From M2 in Bothell:

    It would certainly work a charm with Texans. Tell us if it works as well in non-cactus areas!

  6. From Jenny - Las Vegas:

    You had so many comments on your last blog that I decided to post on this one instead. The different colors in your garden are amazing. They are so vibrant. There are some beautiful flowing desert plants here, but in the summer everything looks brown and grey. It’s so nice to see color and life. It gives the illusion of coolness, even though you’re burning up. As for the cactus ball, I’d love to see how Dani would react to it, since he’s very sensitive about touching things unfamiliar.

    Maybe they carry them at the store in the Springs Preserve. — mss

  7. From Carol, May Dreams Gardens:

    Clever! They will love it. Very “Texas”

  8. From linda:

    looks like fun. I think I’d be afraid to catch it!

  9. From Bob Pool:

    They may not know about cactus and catch it. But then again the English are THE plant people of the world and will jump crazy to not get hit. He He Take a video. Bob

  10. From Yolanda Elizabet:

    LOL, you are a bit of a tease, aren’t you? The kids will have lots of fun with this one.

  11. From Diana Kirby - Austin:

    You’re just a hoot! And who thinks of these things, anyway? Is your shade helping you and your garden handle this heat?

  12. From Nancy Bond:

    LOL – what a great stocking stuffer! My kids would love this. The seed pod below is positively NASTY looking!

    The nigella seedpod? I thought it was beautiful. They’re often used in dried flower arrangements. I plant love-in-the-mist specifically because it is one annual which looks so attractive after it’s gone to seed, rather than just seedy and weedy. — mss< ?p>

  13. From kate:

    I’d want to instinctively avoid catching this … it’ll make for a great gift and amusing times for your niece and nephews.