May 8th, 2007
We Have a Plan

Zanthan Gardens Floribunda Ivan Spaller

Zanthan Gardens Floribunda Ivan Spaller

Ivan delivered the plans this morning. The gray rectangles are new beds to plant. Hmmm. They get a fair amount of sunlight….

Zanthan Gardens Floribunda Ivan Spaller

I’ll have to look at this pictures every day to keep me going. Right now there is a small mountain of dirt and nowhere to put it.

by M Sinclair Stevens

7 Responses to post “We Have a Plan”

  1. From Susan:

    These renderings look fabulous. I’m filled with questions: Is the back wall the solid one? And is the blue square a pool or another planting area? How long does Ivan think the construction will take? And one last question: Can I come see it when it’s finished? I’m so jealous.

    Yes, the back wall is solid. That’s so I can hide all my garden gear and the mulch piles on the other side of it. The blue square next to the deck is a pond…a much larger pond than I was anticipating. AJM loves water so it is especially for him. (Even though I don’t believe in astrology it is very telling that he’s a Pisces, a water sign, and I’m a Taurus, an earth sign.) It’s supposed to be finished the beginning or middle of June. And yes, I’ll have a Austin Garden Blogger showing. Absolutely! — mss

  2. From Annie in Austin:

    It looks fabulous, M, and the solid back wall smacks of genius. We all have stuff to hide.

    Will AJM’s love for tomatoes overule the Japanese flavor of the house, letting you fill the gray rectangles with Brandywines?

    Earth and water make a pond, it seems. Since Philo is earth and I’m fire, maybe we make pottery.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. From Pam/Digging (Austin):

    The built-in pond will be the icing on the cake. Have you seen the Japanese-flavored Pemberton teahouse featured on “Central Texas Gardener”? It has two ponds built around it too.

    The Pemberton teahouse is a lot like I originally imagined ours. Very nice. — mss

  4. From M2 (Austin):

    Sigh! It’ll be a touch of magic when it’s done! Can’t wait.

  5. From Dawn (Austin):

    Cool plans! Thank goodness you have a large garden so you can still enjoy your pretty larkspur while waiting for your awesome building to finish. It’s going to be soooo worth the wait. 🙂



  6. From Pam/Digging (Austin):

    I’d love to see that Pemberton teahouse in person. If you ever hear about it coming on tour, please let me know.

    It looks like yours is going to be just as delightful, though, and I have a much better shot at seeing—and even relaxing in—your teahouse. 😉

  7. From :: Suzanne :::

    ohhhh awwwww.

    I’m a bit envious.

    Do you have, would you share, a guesstimate on costs?

    About twice what we intended to spend and more that double what the kitchen remodel (which we did mostly ourselves) cost last year. — mss