XSLTXT - the XSLT compact form


XSLTXT provides a java implementation of an compact way to write XSLT stylesheets. It is hosted by savannah at XSLTXT. Take a look at the XSLT fragement below:

  <xsl:when test="$count &gt; 1">	  
    <xsl:call-template name="by-columns">
      <xsl:with-param name="column-count" select="$count"/>
      <text>No columns</text>

In XSLTXT it can be written as

  when .test "$count > 1"
    call "by-columns" ("column-count":"$count")
      "No columns"

XSLTXT increases the signal to noise ratio in XSLT stylesheets so that they are easier to write and hopefully easier to read. This project provides

Currently the code is all working and is able to process the docbook xsl stylesheets correctly. Work is now concentrating on better documentation and providing a style workshop application to help develop and edit stylesheets.

For more information look at the current documentation and a list of all of the statements supported. Both of these documents where produced from xml marked up using docbook and processed by XSLTXT versions of the docbook XSLT stylesheets.

Ant integration