jxminor - Java Extras Minor Mode

jxminor is a collection of elisp code that implements an emacs minor mode to help with editing java code. It's not trying to be an IDE, instead it aims to automate the more mundane aspects of java coding. Also, as more time is spent maintaining code than writing new stuff, the aim is to provide more support for that. So, more and better navigation of existing code, but probably not generating a whole program skeleton.

Current capabilities

At the moment functions are provided to:

Import statements

You can sort the import statements in a file into package name order, but with java. before org. and com. coming last. There is also a function to check to see that every imported class is actually used in the code. Any that can't be found are commented out so that you can recompile to check that jxminor was right before you delete them. A function is provided to delete commented out import statements.


A function to insert a standard log4j debugging comment for a method that reports the method name and all of the parameter values passed in. Another function to insert a log4j debugging comment prompting for the value to be reported.

Method navigation

Functions for navigation forward and backward through a file a method at a time. Also a function to find a method within a file by name.


Insert a skeleton javadoc comment for a method. This includes all of the parameters, the return value if not void, and all of the checked exceptions that can be thrown.


Recently introduced. Awaiting documentation.

Future directions

More concentration on code maintenance support. Hopefully by watching what I need to do frequently I should be able to find some more things to automate.


Documentation is provided in info format. It can also be read as html here.